Curb Side

Oscar T Wilson

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“This painting is a very aggressive flash image of the feeling of being curb sided on the streets. I guess it echoes the environment I was brought in and all the aggression and violence I grew up with which comes out in this painting.”

DIMENSIONS | 133 x 195 cm
MEDIUM | Acrylic & Spray paint on Canvas (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity
Bleur Artist Portrait_Oscar T Wilson_London 2018


I grew up in an old squat house in South London, Number 6 Rectory Gardens now called ‘social housing’. It was a black and white stripped house with a yellow door. Living in that environment gave me a sense of freedom that is evident in my work. I was never one to behave in school. In Art class, I was the only one using oil paint while everyone else was using acrylics. Graffiti and skateboarding that is all I cared about.

“My dad always used to say that we are not product makers we are artists so the final product is never in sight I don’t think.”

My dad is an artist and when he would come home from work, he would be painting in the living room every evening and I would be knocking around with him. He would always be commenting on the way I held the brush and tell me not to hold it so tight. He used to drag me and my sister to art museums and the deal was that I could spend an hour skating at South Bank. That’s where my passion for graffiti started.

There were ups and downs. The brain is a very special part of your body. You can fix a broken arm but if you’ve snapped your mind it is rarely coming back. You don’t want to go too far down the insane route. But who am I to judge, it is all about compassion… and a bit of mischief too, it goes hand in hand.

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Solo Exhibitions | Oscar T Wilson Solo Show (London), 2018

Group Exhibitions | Converse Cons Project (London), 2014; Co-curated Underground On the Up (London), 2019

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