Jonathan Vermersch

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“I had this idea of wanting to create something quite abstract but playful and surreal at the same time that would become alive through the viewer’s eyes. The attention is first focused on the characters waiving at the viewer almost like an invitation to join. On closer inspection, the structure on which the characters are sitting on becomes alive itself when the viewer’s gaze meets the eye of the entity and finds the movement within it. Interactions start to emerge between the characters and the living entity and everything seem to fit together in harmony with one another.”

MEDIUM | Limited Edition Print | Edition of 20 (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity
Bleur Artist Portrait_Jonathan Vermersch_London 2018


Creating stories on paper by giving life to this complicated universe full of moving characters and objects is my way of letting my thoughts out in a condensed way.

I am a perfectionist. I tend to get lost in an endless spectrum of choices so I had to make certain rules. The colour rule is the most important one for me. Obsessing over perfection in my work often makes me forget about the journey and focus on the end picture only. I need to remind myself that I am doing something because I enjoy it and be more in the present.

"I always felt like I had too many ideas in my head, too many things I wanted to say.”

Movement is central to my work. Animation and I definitely have a love/ hate relationship back from when I started out in movie animation. To make a movie, everything needs to be compartmentalised and everyone has one specific job to do. I was lending my technical skills to build the vision of someone else and creativity was completely pushed aside so I left this world behind. I felt like there was so much more to life and I wanted to be the master of my own illustrations.

Now, movement is finding its way back into my work and I want to explore it with the skills and confidence I have built but on my own terms this time.

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