Manscape I

Josef Neet

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“This painting is part of the Manscape series. Whilst painting Manscape I, I had quite a strong sense that I wanted to convey a certain space of mind I was occupying at the time, a murky, soft and cloudy environment… something not quite of this world. At the time, I started to experiment with the dripping technique. I was thinning out paint with white spirit almost obsessively and ritually over and over again putting layer, after layer, after layer. There is some automatic writing at the top, writing without thinking what you are writing. I am not sure what it says. The inspiration for creating a scape per se came from Soundscape, the ambient genre of music I was listening to a lot at the time. It seemed to occupy the same sensibilities that I was trying to convey within this painting.”

DIMENSIONS | 100 x 150 cm
MEDIUM | Oil, Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity


Five years ago, I was longing for a home and living a hundred miles away from where I grew up, squatting an art studio in Berlin with my friends. It all got a bit pear-shaped so we left for Copenhagen then Paris and eventually getting into some sketchy situations.

Then art came into my life and I knew it was a powerful thing happening within. I come from this post-industrial place where you say you want to be an artist and they would ask you why, so I have always felt embarrassed.

“A lot of people expected me to quit but I knew I had nothing to lose which is a good place to be when you start something.”

It takes that one person to make a snarky comment if you allow them to and they can destroy what you are trying to create. Everything was fair game and I wasn’t interested in what they thought about me. The only permission I needed was my own.

I try not to get too bogged down with the clichés and expectations of being an artist. Working long hours in various jobs has given me this strong work ethics and I can really go at something without being too precious about it. Kind of go go go.

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