Manscape I

Josef Neet

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“This painting is part of the Manscape series. Whilst painting Manscape I, I had quite a strong sense that I wanted to convey a certain space of mind I was occupying at the time, a murky, soft and cloudy environment… something not quite of this world. At the time, I started to experiment with the dripping technique. I was thinning out paint with white spirit almost obsessively and ritually over and over again putting layer, after layer, after layer. There is some automatic writing at the top, writing without thinking what you are writing. I am not sure what it says. The inspiration for creating a scape per se came from Soundscape, the ambient genre of music I was listening to a lot at the time. It seemed to occupy the same sensibilities that I was trying to convey within this painting.”

DIMENSIONS | 100 x 150 cm
MEDIUM | Oil, Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity

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Josef Neet is an abstract artist whose unique works have gained the attention of the press such as The Business Insider. Having grown up in the post-industrial town of Loughborough, East Midlands before moving to London in 2013, Josef’s artistic practice is heavily influenced by his own life experiences. His varied fascination with abstract art, multi-media and collage leads him to explore art as child-like curiosity steeped in a sullen nostalgia.

At the centre of Josef’s practice is a raw creativity in his works of the movement and his uninhibited and instinctive approach to materials, composition and ideas. Drawing influence from Naïve art, behind the childlike simplicity and frankness of his work hides a deeper emotional layer that progressively unfolds.

“Art is an extremely powerful tool for self-expression. All those mixed feelings are said but unsaid within a medium that people can digest. They are an extension to different parts of me.”

Challenging conventions whilst allowing the viewer to gain an insight into the workings of the mind, Josef draws upon his sardonic wit to express uncomfortable truths often with a degree of scepticism. Through his gestural mark-making and expressive brushstrokes, the impression of spontaneity in Josef’s practice intends to produce a contemplative and meditative response in the viewer.

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Education | BA Television & Live Events, London College of Communication (UAL)

Featured | The Business Insider, 2019

Solo Exhibitions | Exit Everything, Streatham Space Project (London), 2019; Pretty Much a Living (London), 2019, Duke & Dexter pop up (London), 2019

Group Exhibitions | Underground On the Up, Silver Building (London), 2020

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