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Mark Strepan

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Support our incredibly talented collective of artists and get your own unique Mini Original or curate your Mini collection, hand-signed by each artist. Perfect for your gallery wall or bookshelves.

The Minis are a celebration of the wave of kindness and compassion from home to home and our determination as human beings to make lemonade when life gives us lemons. All proceeds go to the artists. Special #lockdown edition.

“The rise and fall of human nature: My 28 minis each make up one piece of work. Lockdown has kept us apart from one another. This work aims to serve as a reminder that we all are connected – connected by our humanity.

Maybe to a stranger maybe to a loved one. Consider this the ashes of yesterday. What has past. And the piece you give – a piece of yourself – to say – you are not alone.
I want –
For this whole piece of work to be spread out across Britain. For it to be pinned up, framed or even stuffed into a draw but scattered like ashes.
It’s a reminder – we are connected.
We rise and fall.
That was the fall….now the rise.” (Mark Strepan, 2020)
Pre-order. As soon as the paint is dry, your Mini will be on its way.

This is a lucky dip order. Each artwork is unique and we will send you one at random from the series.

DIMENSIONS | 10.5 x 14.8 cm
MEDIUM | Spray Paint, Oil, Acrylic & Pastels on 300 gsm Card Paper
AUTHENTICITY | Signed Original

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Bleur Artist - Mark Strepan


Mark Strepan is a self-taught abstract painter whose raw and visceral depiction of human survival brings into the open the creation process as a struggle between the physical act of creating and the canvas. From an early age, Mark was drawn to painting as an outlet to express himself. He left his native town of Northampton to study Drama at Oxford Drama School which opened the door to a whole new creative world. Having continued to paint alongside acting, Mark has recently embraced his artistic career. Invoking Francis Bacon and his exploration of the human condition as a major influence on his practice, the raw texture in Mark’s paintings bears witness to the canvas becoming the physical expression of his own emotions.

“When I paint, even the smallest scribble is a truth… It makes me feel human and connected. All I want to do is stop thinking and express myself. And be enough.”

Central to Mark’s practice is the intention to break free from social expectations and let go of the obsession with perfection. Layer after layer, he breaks down the barriers within himself and delves deeper into the subconscious to find freedom in its abstract expression. Hidden memories and nostalgia are released to the surface in his search for a purpose in life. Through the physical layers of his works, conflicted feelings of sadness, pain and anger are being processed to make space for what comes next.

But underneath the apparent rawness lies a true appreciation of beauty in its unguarded, pure and unexpected human iterations. The soft undertones reveal the aspiration of the painter to bring it back to simplicity and what really matters, the need for deep human connections. At the heart of Mark’s work is this relentless faith in humanity in which love, hope and self-acceptance play an essential role.

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