MINI ORIGINALS by Oscar T Wilson

Oscar T Wilson

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Support our incredibly talented collective of artists and get your own unique Mini Original or curate your Mini collection, hand-signed by each artist. Perfect for your gallery wall or bookshelves.

The Minis are a celebration of the wave of kindness and compassion from home to home and our determination as human beings to make lemonade when life gives us lemons. All proceeds go to the artists. Special #lockdown edition.

“These Mini Originals have given me a chance to push a little pop tart version of me.” (Oscar T Wilson, 2020)

This is a lucky dip order. Each artwork is unique and we will send you one at random from the series.

DIMENSIONS | 105 x 148 cm
MEDIUM | Ink & Acrylic on 300 gsm Card Paper
AUTHENTICITY | Signed Original
Bleur Artist Portrait_Oscar T Wilson_London 2018


I grew up in an old squat house in South London, Number 6 Rectory Gardens now called ‘social housing’. It was a black and white stripped house with a yellow door. Living in that environment gave me a sense of freedom that is evident in my work. I was never one to behave in school. In Art class, I was the only one using oil paint while everyone else was using acrylics. Graffiti and skateboarding that is all I cared about.

“My dad always used to say that we are not product makers we are artists so the final product is never in sight I don’t think.”

My dad is an artist and when he would come home from work, he would be painting in the living room every evening and I would be knocking around with him. He would always be commenting on the way I held the brush and tell me not to hold it so tight. He used to drag me and my sister to art museums and the deal was that I could spend an hour skating at South Bank. That’s where my passion for graffiti started.

There were ups and downs. The brain is a very special part of your body. You can fix a broken arm but if you’ve snapped your mind it is rarely coming back. You don’t want to go too far down the insane route. But who am I to judge, it is all about compassion… and a bit of mischief too, it goes hand in hand.

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Solo Exhibitions | Oscar T Wilson Solo Show (London), 2018

Group Exhibitions | Converse Cons Project (London), 2014; Co-curated Underground On the Up (London), 2019

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