Loredana Lupu

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“I am particularly fond of this painting. I remember the feeling of excitement that comes with new explorations when I was randomly mixing colours together and observing how they reacted with each other. At the beginning of a painting I have so much freedom, I can throw paint in whichever direction I want and experiment with different shades. But from a certain point onwards every single line that I draw, every drop of colour changes the painting dramatically. The whole creative process slows down and becomes a little more intense. Then when I take a step back and decide to end the process, it is always an incredible feeling. I remember how happy I felt when I decided that Moksa was finished.”

MEDIUM | Limited Edition Print | Edition of 20 (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity
Bleur Artist Portrait_Loredana Lupu_London 2018


I was born the year of the Romanian Revolution. When I was growing up, wanting to become an artist or discover what that could even mean was not encouraged. It was not seen as an acceptable way of "preparing for the future”. A deep feeling of not being able to express myself and not belonging stayed with me for years.

"I had no idea where I was going but I knew it was time to get away."

I was 20 when I left my native country. I ended up in a small village on the coast of South Devon and found myself both excited and overwhelmed by the dramatic coastline scenery and its engulfing remoteness. Almost every day, I would spend hours walking along the wonderful beaches, filling my lungs with the fresh air of the Atlantic and letting my thoughts run free.

Being alone in an unknown country, it was a challenging start but I decided to put my fears aside. I always had difficulties connecting with people and saying what I really wanted to say so I didn’t mind being by myself. But then I began to see the beauty and strength in that absolute solitude and embrace its creative potential. I was finally allowing myself to create freely. I taught myself how to draw, blindly exploring without any clue where it would take me and no one to judge.

A year after setting foot in the UK, I made my way to London and discovered a whole new world. That’s when I started to dip my brushes into the more abstract side of things.

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