Monsteur Munch

Blandine Bardeau

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Monsteur Munch is part of a new series of work in my search for a diluted abstraction, an attempt to bring everything back to simplicity. A simple line made with black gouache, a brush and water. The drawings are inspired by a plant from my studio that I love and I adore the simplicity and feminine touch of this series. The line is a process encapsulating my journey as an artist, letting my hand flow on the paper and the line draw itself. I even love the human imperfections in the drops of wet paint that dribbled down when I hung the artworks on the wall. They remind us of who we are and our journeys.

I see a little monster in this one and it reminded me of the Monster Munch crisps made of monster shapes that we used to have when we were kids.”

This artwork was uniquely created for BLEUR.

DIMENSIONS | 42 x 60 cm
MEDIUM | Gouache on Paper (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity
Bleur Artist Portrait_Blandine_Bardeau_London 2018


For me, it always starts with the drawings. When I was little, I used to draw naked women and very small men. For a long time I was trying to hide it because it wasn’t well regarded when you were told your art was feminine, until quite recently.

There is a lot of influence from nature, the seasons and the weather in my work. We are surrounded by machines and things that don’t have a nourishing energy. Nature doesn’t really ask us anything.

“I think I have always had a strong sense of the feminine within us but it hasn’t always been easy bringing it forward.”

Creating is like the circle of life for me, both giving a lot of myself to my art and getting nourishment from it too. I feel like I have a lot of love and I want to nurture everything around me.

Many roads have led me to this point. It is a lot of work, a lot of self-inquiry, looking at something in the eyes which is not comfortable and I often have myself to fight against. Art is always pushing me to another edge, allowing me to access a much deeper layer of myself.

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Education | MA Fine Art Practice (1:1), Glasgow School of Art; BA Fashion Design (1:1), Central Saint Martins; Art & Design Foundation (Distinction), Central Saint Martins

Awards | Runner-up for Curious Duke Gallery’s Secret Art Prize (London), 2014; Central Saint Martins’ Colin Barnes Drawing Prize (London), 2009; Winner of Louis Vuitton Bag Design Competition (London), 2007

Featured | ArtMaze Magazine, Issue 2, 2017; Fresh Paint Magazine, Issue 13, 2016; Marmite IV Painting Prize Catalogue, 2013

Solo Exhibitions | Fluorescent Monkeys (London), 2010

Group Exhibitions | Art in the Forest (London), 2017; Blandine Bardeau and Rod McIntosh: When Opposites attract (London), 2015; Co-curated In Conversation (London), 2015, Painting the Future (London), 2015; Precious (London), 2014; Group Show (Glasgow, London, Helsinki), 2012; Converse, You’re Here (Paris), 2010; Metropolis Ridiculous, Selfridges (London), 2010

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