Blandine Bardeau

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Roseark is part of a new series of work in my search for a diluted abstraction, an attempt to bring everything back to simplicity. A simple line made with black gouache, a brush and water. The drawings are inspired by a plant from my studio that I love and I adore the simplicity and feminine touch of this series. The line is a process encapsulating my journey as an artist, letting my hand flow on the paper and the line draw itself. I even love the human imperfections in the drops of wet paint that dribbled down when I hung the artworks on the wall. They remind us of who we are and our journeys.

Roseark refers to a place in Los Angeles that was showing some of my work and I love the musicality of the name. There is an accidental orange acrylic dot on the right and I filled in a few leaves with a pen. I particularly love the beautiful layout of this one.”

This artwork was uniquely created for BLEUR.

DIMENSIONS | 42 x 60 cm
MEDIUM | Gouache on Paper (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity
Bleur Artist Portrait_Blandine_Bardeau_London 2018


For me, it always starts with the drawings. When I was little, I used to draw naked women and very small men. For a long time I was trying to hide it because it wasn’t well regarded when you were told your art was feminine, until quite recently.

There is a lot of influence from nature, the seasons and the weather in my work. We are surrounded by machines and things that don’t have a nourishing energy. Nature doesn’t really ask us anything.

“I think I have always had a strong sense of the feminine within us but it hasn’t always been easy bringing it forward.”

Creating is like the circle of life for me, both giving a lot of myself to my art and getting nourishment from it too. I feel like I have a lot of love and I want to nurture everything around me.

Many roads have led me to this point. It is a lot of work, a lot of self-inquiry, looking at something in the eyes which is not comfortable and I often have myself to fight against. Art is always pushing me to another edge, allowing me to access a much deeper layer of myself.

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Education | MA Fine Art Practice (1:1), Glasgow School of Art; BA Fashion Design (1:1), Central Saint Martins; Art & Design Foundation (Distinction), Central Saint Martins

Awards | Runner-up for Curious Duke Gallery’s Secret Art Prize (London), 2014; Central Saint Martins’ Colin Barnes Drawing Prize (London), 2009; Winner of Louis Vuitton Bag Design Competition (London), 2007

Featured | ArtMaze Magazine, Issue 2, 2017; Fresh Paint Magazine, Issue 13, 2016; Marmite IV Painting Prize Catalogue, 2013

Solo Exhibitions | Fluorescent Monkeys (London), 2010

Group Exhibitions | Art in the Forest (London), 2017; Blandine Bardeau and Rod McIntosh: When Opposites attract (London), 2015; Co-curated In Conversation (London), 2015, Painting the Future (London), 2015; Precious (London), 2014; Group Show (Glasgow, London, Helsinki), 2012; Converse, You’re Here (Paris), 2010; Metropolis Ridiculous, Selfridges (London), 2010

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