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Joanna Layla

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“This print is part of the body of works entitled [see through] created for Bleur’s [INSERT FEELING HERE] immersive art exhibition.

5 new works on paper suspended as an installation inviting the audience to see through the artwork. The original piece had an aperture cut out creating a view finder to the artwork beyond, suggesting a narrative between the works. A series that you can literally see through. The fragility/tangibility/proximity of the suspended works on paper reflecting a new tangibility, experiential way of ‘seeing’ artwork and process. Each piece becomes an emotion, as the series explores the tension between the head and the heart, between choice and action.

Each print reflects on one of the five elements and suggests a choice we make as humans in our environment. They ask the viewer to see through the role of the fashion illustrator, to situate clothes in the context and the environment from which they were made. And to simultaneously feel the literal and metaphorical landscapes of the artist’s process – deconstructed to five layers.

This is earth.”

Inspired by
‘Orlando’ by Virginia Woolf:
“clothes… change our view of the world and the world’s view of us”



Includes a 0.5cm border. Our limited editions are printed to the highest standards and made to order for environmental reasons. Each print is numbered and hand-signed by the artist. Original with cut-out also available for sale. Send email to

DIMENSIONS | 42 x 59.4 cm
MEDIUM | Archival Ink on sustainable Hannemuhle Bamboo Paper | Limited Edition of 25 Giclée prints
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity

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Joanna Layla


Joanna Layla is an artist-illustrator whose unique style inspired by the worlds of fashion, literature and art has won her recognition in the creative industries. Recognised as 'One to Watch in 2021' by FIDA, she is regularly commissioned by well-known brands and institutions and has been mentioned in The Guardian for her ‘elegant graphics’.

Through her fluid lines and minimalist design, Joanna Layla’s practice explores themes of identity and self-expression through the human body as an extension of the self. Her drive to visually document beauty in the human form pushes her drawings to redefine gender through the boldness of her feminine brushstrokes, blurring the lines between accepted masculine and feminine forms.

“My drive to draw is to try to capture some beauty I see. I find beauty in the most unexpected places. I love looking at people on the train or on the crowded streets. This urgency to document something beautiful is fundamental to why I want to express myself visually.”

Through the process of emotional creation, Joanna Layla brings to life a true expression of the elusive and unconditional love in its primal state. There is an awareness of human vulnerability apparent in her work where the figurative meets the abstract to express an idea. Light, space and the horizon come together in Joanna Layla’s drawings to encapsulate a sense of freedom that guides her subconscious explorations of what it means to be human.

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Awards | 'One to Watch', FIDA, 2021; Selected for PICTORIA: Best Contemporary Illustrators Worldwide, 2019; Shortlisted for the Prize for Illustration (London), 2017; Shortlisted for the FIDA Fashion Illustration Award, SS20 Fashion Face & Fashion Figure, 2020, FIDA 'Ones to Watch, 2021

Featured | Overdue Magazine, Issue 4, 2021; FIDA Magazine, 2021; Risbel Magazine, 2021; Milk X Magazine, 2021; Cicada Wheels, 2019; Konglomerat Berlin, 2018; The Guardian, 2016

Solo Exhibitions | Art+Fashion, High Lille x Acid Gallery (Lille) 2021; Fashion Works on Paper, Jord+Bord Osterlen (Stockholm), 2021; An exhibition of prints, Jord & Borg (Stockholm), 2020

Group Exhibitions | Eros, Acid Gallery (Lille), 2021; The Art of Coffee, The Gentlemen Baristas x Bleur (London), 2021; Ultramarine Instituto Marangoni (Miami), 2021; [INSERT FEELING HERE] (London), 2020; Empower the maker, Cluster (London), 2019; Fashion Illustration, Acid Gallery (Lille), 2020

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