Manscape III

Josef Neet

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“This painting is part of the Manscape series. Like the other paintings in the series, this is a painting of a landscape trying to encapsulate my ongoing radical shifts in moods and psychology. In a different colour scheme, it has a murky, almost American Gothic element to it in terms of the landscape, it could be a swampland with blurred tinges of Safran and moss. This one really reminds me of the recesses of the mind, scrapping the dregs of one’s own mental make-up.”

DIMENSIONS | 100 x 150 cm
MEDIUM | Oil, Pastels & Acrylic on Canvas (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity


Five years ago, I was longing for a home and living a hundred miles away from where I grew up, squatting an art studio in Berlin with my friends. It all got a bit pear-shaped so we left for Copenhagen then Paris and eventually getting into some sketchy situations.

Then art came into my life and I knew it was a powerful thing happening within. I come from this post-industrial place where you say you want to be an artist and they would ask you why, so I have always felt embarrassed.

“A lot of people expected me to quit but I knew I had nothing to lose which is a good place to be when you start something.”

It takes that one person to make a snarky comment if you allow them to and they can destroy what you are trying to create. Everything was fair game and I wasn’t interested in what they thought about me. The only permission I needed was my own.

I try not to get too bogged down with the clichés and expectations of being an artist. Working long hours in various jobs has given me this strong work ethics and I can really go at something without being too precious about it. Kind of go go go.

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