Abigail Phang Gung Fook

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“Energy, beauty, fragility.

Flowers represent memories from childhood, time spent with my parents, trips to parks, stately homes and gardens. My parents have never been to a museum or an art gallery, they do not understand the art world. Nature holds all the beauty they need, the outdoors is their escape and joy. Flowers are renewal, fragility, a symbol of purity and hope. They are unspoilt, loyal and loving. I absorb their energy, allowing myself to be rejuvenated, it makes me feel secure.”

This piece is part of a group of three works Me, You and Why?.

DIMENSIONS | 60 x 45 cm
MEDIUM | Oil on Canvas (unframed)
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity


Abigail Phang Gung Fook picked up painting in art classes as a way to reconnect with her creativity after years of being a stay-at-home mother. She fell in love with portraiture and her artistic career took off after graduating from City & Guilds of London Art School where she studied her Master’s degree in Fine Art three years ago. Since then, she has been shortlisted for several prizes including the 2019 Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize, the 2018 Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize and the 2018 Collyer Bristow Exceptional Graduate Award and featured in several publications.

Deeply personal and cryptic at times, Abigail's practice delves into her own experiences of love and loss and the influence it had on her life. Her autobiographical paintings take us with her on this journey of private introspection letting us in on her intimate emotions on which she had kept a lid for many years. Each group of paintings is a window into her private world which revolves around the home, family and becoming a stay-at-home mother after having ran her own textile design practice for many years. The influence of textile design in Abigail's work beautifully feeds through her practice from the predominance of decorative flowers and patterns to the two-dimensional aspect of her paintings.

At first glance, her feminine paintings are joyful and colourful and the figures she paints seem almost comical with their quirky long legs and large feet. But there is always an underlying deeper layer in Abigail's work and soon the disappointment, sadness, regrets and melancholia reveal themselves through the dripping paint adding a sense of immediacy and chaos. Abigail's work is also about strength and freedom. There's bravery in the way she critically examines her own feelings and pours her heart on the canvas. She is not afraid of sitting with her own demons and exposing them to the open. Through her bold brushstrokes, Abigail picks up the pieces of her life and paints her memoirs having found her own voice to express herself.

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Education | MA Fine Art, City & Guilds of London Art School; BA Printed Textiles, Manchester Polytechnic

Awards | Shortlisted for The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, 2018; Shortlisted for The Collyer Bristow Exceptional Graduate Award, 2018; Shortlisted for The Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize, 2019

Featured | Murze Magazine, Issue Eight, 2019; Slice of the City, Issue Two, 2018; Where The One Is, 2018

Solo Exhibitions | The Stables (London), 2018

Group Exhibitions | Art Women and the Evolution (London), 2018; Selfie (London), 2018; The Visible Light (London), 2018; Naughty & Nice (London), 2017

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