Stories are what makes us human and connect us to one another. We need stories to inspire us, give us hope, laugh out loud, make us feel safe, remind us be kind to ourselves and treat each other with compassion. By sharing your journey as an artist, you make it possible for art buyers to connect with you and your work. That’s why we put all our energy and resources to give you the tools to tell your story and engage with your audience.

At Bleur, we take each artist seriously regardless of where you come from or where you are on your journey. There is no automatic application process and we promise no large scale “one size fits all” method. We don’t care about doing the right things, we just want to do things right. Be part of a collective of artists on a mission to reach out to a new generation of aspiring art buyers and to support each other.

Join your local Bleur Collective and come tell your story.

To register your interest please email us at artists@bleurart.com with links to your Instagram or website or photos of your artworks. We receive a lot of applications so please bear with us as it may take us a little while to get back to you.

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