Buying art can be a daunting experience – from the limitless choice available to intimidating price tags. Bleur was born from the need of aspiring art buyers tiptoeing around the art world to find art that resonates with them. We wanted to give buyers the space to explore and decide for themselves what type of art they like without feeling pressured to be knowledgeable.

As an artist-first gallery designed to champion emerging voices, we take a unique standpoint: inspiring audiences by the personal stories behind each piece. By hand-picking the most exciting, inspiring artists on the scene, we allow art-seekers to not only invest in original pieces at an affordable price, but also the talent behind the artwork.

Aurelia Islimye
CEO & Founder
Abigail Phanggungfook
Artistic Director
Gregory Davies
Creative Director
Eva Merendes
Community Lead


There are two sides to every story. Made up of both artists and aspiring art buyers making decisions together, our team is uniquely placed to connect independent artists with a new generation of art buyers and make fine art more accessible to all.

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If you are a business and you want to feature our artists on your office walls, we would love to work with you. If you would like to collaborate, become a patron or you just want to start a conversation, drop us an email at info@bleurart.com.

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If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Bleur artist, visit the Bleur For Artists page.

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