Nicole Chui

“I think there's something beautiful about physically manipulating an image with embroidery beyond the textural contrast which I absolutely love. Combining these were my first entry into exploring embroidery outside of fabric and fashion so it has been a continual mix I work on.” Read more…


Nicole is a London-based embroidery artist whose distinctive style combining freestyle embroidery with photography and digital media has been widely praised by the press and household names. In 2019, Nicole was named one of the '25 future faces 25 and under' by Evening Standard Magazine as part of their London Progress 1000 list. In 2020, Nicole released her limited edition sneakers named "Vixens" in collaboration with Nike, and was selected as ‘new artists to watch’ by Elephant magazine and Crxss Platfxrm.

Honesty, power and imperfection are key themes in Nicole’s practice. Finding inspiration in eavesdropping on conversations, being emotional, and anything visual that is maximalist and over-colourful, Nicole’s lived experience drives her practice as the hand-embroidered work is created from an emotional reaction.

“I think everything in my work is political because I am making the decision to confront lived experiences as an Asian woman in the diaspora and issues that I care about which occur in our society. My work is my political statement.”

Nicole’s work is messy, brash, and disruptive. But her work is also about embracing the strength in vulnerability in her desire to inspire others to embrace their raw emotions. Through her bold colours and patterns, she aims to disrupt perfection and encourage people to break boundaries.

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Education | International Preparation for fashion, London College of Fashion; BA Hons Creative Direction for fashion, London College of Fashion

Awards | '25 future faces 25 and under', Evening Standard Magazine; ‘New artists to watch’, Elephant magazine and Crxss Platfxrm.

Solo Exhibitions | 'interaction', Perseverance Works (London), 2019; FEM: PLAYFUL MANIPULATIONS, solo, Project Mission Gallery (London), 2017

Group Exhibitions | Beauty of Batik' and ‘Year of the ox’, The Steamroom (London), 2021; ‘In a rainbow of coalitions 'quarantine quilt’', The Mac (Belfast), 2021; Art on a postcard, online, 2021; ‘Secret 7’, NOW Gallery (London), 2020; ‘The apocalypse will blossom’, The Gallyry, 2020; ‘Nsf’, Crxss platfxrm (London), 2019; Yellow Peril, The Yard (London), 2019; Trash, Arcola Theatre (London), 2018; Human stories: the body issue, NOW Gallery, 2017; Decorating Dissidence, The Art Pavilion (London), 2017; HOLLABACK, Platform (London), 2017

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