Tyler Watson

"In my practice I reimagine the most domestic and mundane of objects as if they were held in higher esteem. This has become a commentary on the often overlooked importance of everyday life." Read more…


Tyler Watson is a British post pop figurative artist with a degree in Fine Art from Middlesex University and MA in Fine Art from The University of Hertfordshire. Influenced by British and American 1960s Pop art movement, Tyler’s distinctive paintings have attracted the attention of the iconic department store Liberty London where they are featured and collaborations with well-known brands such as Paul Smith.

Taking inspiration from the everyday life, Tyler reimagines the most domestic and mundane of objects to draw attention to them and allow us to rediscover these objects in a new light. By consciously removing his own emotions from his work and using bright colours to catch the attention of the viewer, Tyler leaves the subject matter to speak its own truth.

“In recent years, I have begun to reflect more deeply on the details of my everyday surroundings. The mundane became a symbol of daily ritual, a glimpse of my daily life as an artist.”

Challenging traditional views on what is considered as subject matter, Tyler’s work is a direct response to rediscovering his own environment and the elements within it. In doing so, Tyler’s practice encourages us to pay more attention to what lies in front of us reflecting on the importance of everyday life and our tendency to overlook the mundane.

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Education | MA Fine Art, The University of Hertfordshire; BA Fine Art, Middlesex University

Solo Exhibitions | Paul Smith Notting Hill Showroom Install (London), 2021

Group Exhibitions | Whatever You Say, Islington Arts Factory (London), 2017; The State of Art, The Nunnery Gallery (London), 2017; Free Range, The Truman Brewery (London), 2018; HYPER COLOUR POP CULTURE, Alon Zakaim Gallery (London), 2019; AucArt Lab Residency Exhibition, Aucart Lab (London), 2019; GIFC Velvet Ropes, The House of Vans (London), 2019; Outsiders, Candid Arts (London), 2020; Blessing in Disguise, Saint Maison Gallery, Online, 2020; 36th Annual Open, Southwark Park Galleries (Online), 2020; Terrance Higgins Trust Charity Auction, 2021; The Auction Collective (Online), 2021; Liberty London Salon, Liberty London, 2021; In a New Light, Art City Works (Online), 2021; The Secret Postcard Auction, Bonhams (London),2021; New Blood, Broadway Gallery (Letchworth Garden City) 2021

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