Invest in our planet is this year’s Earth Day theme but for us it’s Earth Day every day.
Last year, we raised awareness with The Crossover Project around the need for circularity of materials in the creative industries inviting our artists to use waste to create artworks. The art world needs to collectively become more environmentally conscious from artists to art suppliers and galleries. There is a lot of work to be done but if as a small independent gallery we succeeded in bringing together household fashion and interiors brands to show that a more circular future is possible, we will continue to fight for it.

To celebrate world earth day we catch up with multi-disciplinary Bleur artist Blandine Bardeau to discuss the need to use of environmentally friendly materials and her hopes for a more environmentally conscious art world.

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Blandine Bardeau is a French born multi-disciplinary artist whose work is a playful exploration of the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract. Her feminine lines and intuitive experimentations has won her recognition early on in her career including winning the Louis Vuitton Bag Design Competition at Central Saint Martins and being featured in several publications. ⁠

I think I have always had a strong sense of the feminine within us but it hasn’t always been easy bringing it forward. For a long time I was trying to hide it because it wasn’t well regarded when you were told your art was feminine, until quite recently. I think it is finding its place in the world again.