We often get asked how to invest in artists. Here are our top tips to collecting art.

  1. Invest in emerging artists at the start of their journey. That first sale means everything to an artist who is starting out.
  2. Support artists who are pushing boundaries. Buying art is also about empowering artists and encouraging them to continue to challenge and raise awareness. From sustainability to social constructs and inequalities, artists are constantly challenging the way we see the world and through art opens the space for discussion.
  3. Buy original art or small limited edition prints rather than mass-produced open edition prints. The artist gets a better deal and there is nothing like owning a unique piece.
  4. Buy from an independent gallery. When you choose a small gallery you are likely to contribute to an ecosystem that actively supports artists on their journeys.
  5. Don’t overthink it – the best way to buy art is to choose the piece that resonates with you.


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