Want to get something special for your loved ones but don’t know what? We’ve got you covered! From under the tree to on the wall, gift a unique piece of art this festive season.

Discover our 2021 gift guide with artworks for all budgets and tastes here. Scroll for a sneak peek of what art to choose for your loved ones.

Art for the younger siblings:

Nothing says ‘I get you’ to your younger siblings like a unique artwork. They play it cool but deep inside you may even momentarily become ‘cool’ in their eyes.

Embroidery by Nicole Chui

Cat’s Cradle by Nicole Chui

Original Embroidered Photograph, £280

“Inspired by embracing bottled up emotions. Capturing the moment right before your release all that hidden honesty.”

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Embroidery Sophie Rawlingson

Power Objects by Sophie Rawlingson

Embroidery on Fabric, £200

“Power Objects is all about finding those accessories that make you feel like you.”

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Print Joanna Layla

hold me close by Joanna Layla

Limited Edition of 25 Giclée prints, £90

“This piece means a lot to me. It speaks to me as a young woman who loves fashion whilst yearning for a greater awareness of how our choices affect the planet.”

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Art for the older siblings:

Nothing says ‘I look up to you’ or ‘thank you for being there’ to your cool and collected older siblings like a unique artwork. They will be genuinely impressed which is not a small thing.

Limited Edition Prints MAN by Denisha Anderson

MAN by Denisha Anderson

Limited Edition of 50 Giclée prints, £130

“MAN ultimately is a series that aims to provide new narrative for ALL men. I hope this will evoke new perspectives on how we see the body and nudity, for both men and women alike.”

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Ink Drawing by Jemima SaraBar Fog by Jemima Sara

Ink on Paper, £195

“Being tipsy makes me smile so I dance, but I hate feeling out of control. “

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Watercolour painting by Caroline Cornelius

Walking with my sister by Caroline Cornelius

Watercolour and Acrylic Gouache on 300gsm Paper, £350

“Watching my twin daughters walking home together. Always a step behind, walking in silence but with the inescapable bond of sisterhood.”

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Abstract Artwork by Josef NeetWell nice day by Josef Neet

Acrylic on Canvas, £200

“Broad gestural strokes combined with earthy palette of greens, browns and blues spring to mind an outdoor landscape.”

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Art for the dads:

Nothing says ‘I really wanted to buy you something other than socks this year, dad’ like a unique artwork. First time you will see your dad happily surprised.

Oil painting by Theo BardsleyA Caña and a sardine in the morning by Theo Bardsley

Acrylic & Oil stick on Canvas, £775

“In Spanish culture it’s fairly common to have a beer and a small bit of food in the morning, with people mixing from all ages.”

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Oscar T Wilson spray paint drawings

Blues A2 by Oscar T Wilson

Ink, Acrylic and Spray paint on Cotton Rag paper, £150

“Mischief seems to make its way into all of my work. Paint and ink will always be dear to me. They are the go-to tools of expression much like the skateboard or the water pistol.”

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Watercolour painting by Caroline Cornelius

Button Lift by Caroline Cornelius

Watercolour on 300gsm Paper, £350

“Sitting on the ski lift, feeling it pull you along, the squeak of snow under ski, peacefulness as you watch the trees go past.”

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Sabrina Brouwers drawing

Lost Configuration by Sabrina Brouwers

Gesso, Acrylic & Oil Pastel on Paper, £130

“This series encouraged me to represent the circles within my compositions as a single footstep. The layering of these ‘footsteps’ represents the repetitiveness of mundane quotidian journeys and results in the construction of my own map.”

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LDN Photography by Gregory Davies

LDN by Gregory Davies

Limited Edition of 50 Giclée prints, £150

“London captured from hard to reach places at magical moments – nothing more to say.”

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Art for the mums:

Nothing says ‘you’re the best mum in the world’ like a unique artwork. You just can’t go wrong, they will love it.

Collage by Beth Fraser

The Black Dog by Beth Fraser

Mixed Media Collage on Paper, £495

“This is one of the first pieces I created in lockdown. The dog in front of her dress was a kind of happy accident, hidden in the shadow, but I like to think it makes reference to The Black Dog pub I was so subconsciously missing.”

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Drawing by Emmanuel Unaji


Power in Obscurity by Emmanuel Unaji

Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil Stick & Collage on Paper, £400

“A study of the contradictory essence of images & reality. Is what we see a reflection of what the subject feels or does the artist project their narrative onto the muse ?”

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Abstract Ink by Eva Merendes

Shooting by Eva Merendes

Acrylic Inks on Cartridge Paper, £150

“In this series I explore the healing effects of inks. The mesmerising effect of the ink’s fluidity and the way they run all around the white surface fills me with hope and energy.”

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Fashion Illustration Joanna Layla

Red by Joanna Layla

Ink on Fabriano cotton Rag Paper 250 gsm, £350

“The colour so strong, the gesture so intimate. There is something precious about the minimalism, the personal visual language, of sketchbooks. Red is an exploration of taking this language to a larger scale.”

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