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Daniel Keys

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“Inspired by my grandmother’s décor, the focus of this series is small, inexpensive, porcelain figurines depicting animals in a non-realistic manor and artificial flowers. Cheap artificial flowers vestigial representations of the complex and delicate structures of the natural world fail to express what is at the core of these objects. Life, growth, death. Inspired by the hanging of crucifixes in people’s homes, this series aims to create allegorical readings of the base elements of plants. A sacramental framing of our relationship (and parallels) to flowers and the natural world. The deterioration of my Grandmother and her subsequent death play an important and personal role within the images here.”

Printed full-bleed. Our limited editions are printed to the highest standards and made to order for environmental reasons. Each print is numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

DIMENSIONS | 61 x 76.2 cm
MEDIUM | Archival Ink on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl Paper | Limited Edition of 50 Giclée prints
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity

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Daniel Keys is a British photographic artist whose work combining analogue photographic techniques, digital scanning and manipulation has been exhibited in major cities such as London, Rome, Berlin, Vancouver, Budapest and Indiana. Winner of Portrait of Britain 2021 awarded by the prestigious British Journal of Photography, Daniel’s striking photographs are a blend of documentary, fine art and conceptual work and are regularly featured in photography magazines.

Through the use of natural or incidental light to convey the passing of time, it is the intense need to document the slow unfolding of the moment that defines Daniel’s practice. Playing with light, grain and composition to create a slight interference of the visual sense, there is a beautiful atmospheric feeling that stems from his photographs.

“I was always interested in highlighting social injustices and inaccurate representations of people. I think that comes from my own history of being from a working-class family and also being a gay person. I was faced from quite a young age with people telling me what I was and it not sticking.”

Weaving his own narrative into his work, Daniel introduces the idea of displacement within one’s own environment creating an uncanny and unsettling feeling in the viewer. At the heart of his reflection is a conscious and slow deconstruction of societal norms and a deep questioning of people’s behaviours to one another. For Daniel, photography becomes a powerful tool to break free from the feeling of not fitting in, connect with people and ask the question - where do we go from here.

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Education | BA (Hons) Photography, Middlesex University

Awards | Winner, Portrait of Britain, British Journal of Photography, 2021

Featured | Shoot Film, 2017; Wertn, 2014; Murn Magazine; Your Exhibition, 2018; Don’t Take Pictures; Film Shooters Collective; fLIP Magazine, Issues 32, 31, 30, 29; Source Magazine London; LIP 26th & 27th Annual Catalogues; Conjunction Zine, Waiting

Exhibitions | Portrait Salon, Peckham Levels (London), 2018; L.I.P Annual Exhibition, Espacio Gallery (London), 2018 - 2014; LoosenArt , Millepiani Gallery (Rome), 2018 & 2017; Salon Des Refuses, Candid Arts Trust (London), 2017; Dreamscapes: A Light and Dark Interpretation, School of Fine Art (Indiana), 2017; Feminine/Masculine, PH21 Gallery (Budapest), 2017; Photo-Forum, The Printspace (London), 2016; FotoFilmic PULP Print Exhibition, PULP Gallery (Vancouver), 2016; Portrait Salon Metro Imaging (London), 2016; Photomonth Photo Open, Richmix (London), 2016 & 2015; 8th Greenwich Annuale Greenwich Gallery (London), 2016

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