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Sabrina Brouwers

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“This series on paper marks the beginning of what has become an extensive body of work ranging in size and colour – each holding the same theme of journey and grounding. Having lived in multiple countries, and the struggle to pinpoint a place to call home, I have often described my background as nomadic. In this series, my goal was to discover how I could visually respond to this act of journeying while staying true to the geometric nature of my practice. I use shapes to express a deeper meaning – and this is where the circle began. This series encouraged me to represent the circles within my compositions as a single footstep. The layering of these ‘footsteps’ represents the repetitiveness of mundane quotidian journeys and results in the construction of my own map. This is a map for me to navigate, deconstruct and simplify. As the circles become entirely lost and tangled within the composition, I use deep black shapes as a grounding element.

For me, this is a reflection of my complex upbringing and low sense of grounding due to not having a constant base.”

DIMENSIONS | 21 x 29 cm
MEDIUM | Gesso, Acrylic & Oil Pastel on Paper
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity

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Sabrina Brouwers is an Italian/German geometric abstract artist based in London. Sabrina graduated from Falmouth University in 2019 with a Bachelors in Fine Art and holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Graphic Design at the University of Art London, in Chelsea. Recently selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition 2022, Sabrina’s artistic practice is an emotional response to the world around her. Influenced by the urban landscape where Sabrina lives, the circles in her work represent an abstraction of the subject matter telling stories of her own lived experiences and reflections.

Having lived in multiple countries, and the struggle to pinpoint a place to call home, Sabrina’s practice denotes a constant search for grounding in her study of symmetry, repetition and the composition of each piece around a mathematically plotted grid. By introducing the fluid shape of the circle, she challenges the rigid order of the base grid and uses the deep black circles as grounding elements to visual simplicity.

"My nomadic upbringing and curiosity for visual perception has encouraged me to respond to man-made landscapes and the complexity of our natural surroundings. By observing how we process the natural versus man-made, I have become very interested in the therapeutic effects of visual simplicity and how they are present in our urban landscape.”

Sabrina’s layered process builds a dialogue between emergence and disappearance by revealing the previous layers through sanding and scratching. Documenting her journey on the grid creates a map for her to navigate, deconstruct and simplify - the subtle lines of colours expressing an underlying emotion of the moment.

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Education | Diploma in Graphic Design, Chelsea School of Art; BA Fine Art, Falmouth University

Group Exhibitions | Royal Academy of Arts, Summer exhibition (London), 2022; ‘Threshold’ D, Contemporary Gallery (London), 2021; ‘Works on Paper3’, Blue Shop Cottage, (London), 2021; ‘A Voyage of Absurdity’, Craft Central (London), 2021; ‘Woodlane Windows’, Falmouth (Cornwall), 2019; ‘Falmouth Fine Art London’, The Assembly Point Gallery (London), 2019; ‘Falmouth Fine Art’, The Polly Gallery (Falmouth), 2018; ‘Woodlane Windows’ (Falmouth), 2017

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