Into the sea of trees

Chiayun Hu

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“Just me, in the tiny study at my mum’s flat in Taipei, missing nature.”

DIMENSIONS | 32.8 x 47.6 cm
MEDIUM | Acrylic on Cartridge paper 200 gsm
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity

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Chiayun Hu is a Taiwanese self-taught abstract artist whose multidisciplinary practice spans across painting, drawing and sculpture. Documenting her memories and emotions through mark making, Chiayun’s work tells stories centred around her experience of living in a female body. Letting her subconscious take over, she uses feminine lines and shapes to build imagery that reflects her emotional landscapes gradually allowing the end-result to reveal itself.

“For me, making art is emotionally driven - a way of expressing my feeling of the moment out loud. My practice is a reflection on the human senses, the feeling of being alive and the fear of losing that feeling.”

Fascinated by the intimacy of human affection, Chiayun uses art to encapsulate memories of intimate moments with herself and others. Putting her senses under the microscope, her work is a direct response to things she sees, smells and touches. Through abstract strokes and colour blocks, she expresses a mood, inviting the viewer to make their own story out of it.

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Education | MA (distinction) Fashion Design Technology Menswear, London College of Fashion, University of Arts London

Featured | Words With Chiayun Hu, 2021;Young Space: Chiayun Hu, 2020; Ladies Drawing Club, Issue 8, 2020

Group Exhibitions | Night Market, Do Your Own Thing Space (London), 2019; 36 hours exhibition, Ladies Drawing Club (Online), 2021

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