Denisha Anderson

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“This work is part of a project that encompasses the past and present of London, surrounding events focused on black identity, music and culture. The Ends – where I grew up and continue to grow, is something live and direct in some moments. The energy is being shared and felt instantly, there is an exchange of joy. These images evoke memories of joy and sadness simultaneously. The sadness isn’t something dark but rather the realisation that the will to dance, be free, vulnerable and open in who you are in a place you call ‘home’ seems like a distant concept.

In this series, I have captured events that no longer exist like SPLASH or that are on pause like CARNIVAL with the hope of them coming back bigger and better. In the current landscape and the oppression witnessed globally on different levels against the so-called ‘minority groups’, I have a feeling that the real minority will do anything to oppose or prevent BLACK JOY that is forever a space feared by those in power.

This project is a work-in-progress – the final message or narrative is undefined but what I do know is that sharing our joy, despite the varying levels of oppression is an act of defiance and rebellion. There is power in rising above.”

Printed full bleed. Our limited editions are printed to the highest standards and made to order for environmental reasons. Each print is numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

DIMENSIONS | 48.3 x 33 cm
MEDIUM | Archival Ink on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper | Limited Edition of 25 Giclée prints
AUTHENTICITY | Signed certificate of authenticity

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Denisha Anderson


Denisha Anderson is a photographer from South London whose exploratory work has earned her widespread praise in established publications such as Magenta Flash Forward Catalogue and Huffington Post. Since deciding to become a full-time artist two years ago, her talent and determination has quickly got her noticed in recent exhibitions which include MAN at the V&A Museum and WHO at Take Courage Gallery London. Denisha picked up her first camera when she was 17 and has been working in film and photography ever since alongside well-known names like Spike Lee, Daniel Mulloy and Joost Vandebrug.

Determined to propose an alternative narrative, Denisha tirelessly challenges perceptions and social constructs. She is conscientious and precise and carefully considers every angle, leaving no interpretation to chance. Passionate and engaged, she investigates facts and documents her findings to provide a new basis for better informed conversations around gender and race. By refusing to conform to society’s rules, Denisha freely follows her own intuition and carves her own path, strong in her beliefs.

Fundamentally existentialist, her starting point is always the experience of the human subject, presenting them as living and breathing beings above all. Her strong empathy becomes a bind for unexpected connections between people. At the heart of her practice lies a soft underlying fragility which stems from her deep intimate emotional connection to the subject matter. Through her powerful photographs, Denisha calls for a celebration of our differences and shared experiences encapsulating what it means to be human.

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Education | BA Film Production, The Arts University Bournemouth

Awards | Winner of The Huffington Post: Portrayals of Blackness Competition, 2018; Winner of The Magenta Flash Forward Competition, 2017

Residencies | Man Sized at Exchange project x ESPS, 2019

Featured |Your Space or mine x BuildHollyWood Billboard, 2021; POCC x Clear Channel for Gender Equality, 2021; Nii Journal, Issue Three, 2018; Magenta Flash Forward Magazine, 2017; TRIP Magazine; Brixton Bugle, September 2015; The Peckham Peculiar, Issue Ten, August 2015

Group Exhibitions | Beauty in Power, BBH Blacksheep (London), 2021; The Self Portrait Exhibition, HOME by Ronan Mckenzie (London), 2021; [INSERT FEELING HERE] (London), 2020; Bold (London), 2019; Unsigned x Free Range, BBH Blacksheep (London), 2019; WHO Exhibition, Take Courage Gallery (London), 2019; Underground on the up (London), 2019; Friday Lates, Victoria & Albert Museum (London), 2018; Make it ugly for me, Bettershared x Creative Debuts (London), 2018; Kitab Photography Festival India For Transgender communities, 2018; Transformation, BBZ (London), 2016; The Ballad of Rye Lane, Brainchild Festival (Brighton) & East End Film Festival (London), 2015

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