Get creative this Winter with our Art of Coffee campaign in collaboration with our friends at The Gentlemen Baristas, a series of fun festive card- making classes using coffee as a medium.

Our artists Joanna Layla, Eva Merendes and Blandine Bardeau with practices ranging from abstract to fashion figurative will be teaching the classes and guiding participants through art techniques including drawing, painting and collages. The classes are accessible to all, no prior experience needed and tickets include refreshments.

Book your ticket to one of our Art of Coffee festive art classes  here.

The classes will take place at The Gentlemen Baristas’ new London flagship coffee house in Piccadilly, a prime spot to get creative with a warm cup of coffee while enjoying the Christmas lights.

The idea behind using the medium of coffee to create art is to celebrate the ritual of coffee and its important role in fostering connections and community. 10% of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to social enterprise Well Grounded to help change the lives of unemployed people through coffee.

Hear what our artists have to say about creating with coffee as a medium:

Getting a coffee in the morning is a moment to pause, reflect and watch the world go by. I loved the idea of using coffee as a medium to capture a moment in time, to create a fashion illustration. Both coffee and fashion capture the cultural zeitgeist.

A little like traditional ink, and yet simultaneously something completely unique, the coffee ink is so beautiful to work with. It stains the surface of the paper so quickly, making its mark, so the first impression keeps. I love the spontaneity of working in this way, so in tune with how I draw fashion. I love the depth of colour possible in a single brushstroke. Joanna Layla

Being a coffee lover, I was at my happiest when experimenting and painting with the coffee ink. The scent of coffee took over my whole studio and kept my creative spirit up by experimenting with different textures, mixtures, and media. I am so fascinated by the way watercolours and the coffee ink interact with each other, creating a mesmerising effect on the paper. The ink kept taking different forms and textures so you never know what it will look like at the end, making it such a fun creative process! Eva Merendes

I have loved experimenting with coffee, both in making the ink and creating the artwork. The coffee ink was a joy to use, giving a very rich and deep hue, very shiny once it has dried. Its very earthy feel influenced me to create artworks closer to nature to reflect the beauty of this material. Blandine Bardeau

Get creative with us this Winter! Book your tickets here.