Black Friday is a global retail price-slashing exercise fuelled by big brands with little historical tradition. Here is why we won’t engage in Black Friday.

  1. As an indie art gallery, we make a conscious decision to charge a much smaller commission in an art world that typically charges 50% or more because we want our prices to be truly accessible. We choose to do so because we believe in art as a lived experience of the many and not an exclusive property of the few.
  2. At Bleur, we don’t engage in over-consumption. Instead we promote conscious art buying. Conscious art buying is choosing to actively contribute to an ecosystem that supports artists by buying from a small gallery rather than a large marketplace. Small galleries invest a lot of energy into nurturing their artists and go above and beyond to keep their buyers happy.
  3. We do not have surplus stock. An original piece of art is a one-of-a-kind and is not mass-produced.
  4. Art doesn’t become obsolete the way other commodities do. Most of the time, its value stays the same or appreciates over time as the artist becomes well-known.
  5. We put our artists first in everything we do. By charging a smaller commission, we make sure our artists get a fair deal so they can keep creating art that pushes boundaries.

We don’t engage in Black Friday because we make art accessible 365 days of the year.

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